Create the life or business you want

I have combined many years of inner enquiry and clinical practice to develop a set of easily grasped universal principles that help you to connect with your inner wisdom.

Many of us spend our lives rearranging the furniture of the outer world. We leave one job and get another one. We strategise, restructure or start a new business. We leave one relationship and start another. We move to another area, or maybe we move countries, but we always take ourselves with us.

Rather than taking responsibility for the life or business we are creating; we frequently blame other people and circumstances in the outer world. The only way to reverse this trend is to accept responsibility for the life we are living.

Through one to one coaching, group workshops or training programmes, I will guide you or your business through a process of practical self-enquiry to get to the true heart of your intentions. This refreshing experience will release new inspiration and energy.

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I can safely say, I am not the same person who came for my chat with you initially.  Essentially, I have learned to love myself, warts and all.

Andrew is charismatic, compassionate, insightful and intuitive – mix this with his provocative nature and wicked sense of humour and you have the most magical experience that will rock your world!

Nothing has changed, yet everything has changed. Life won’t be the same again. It can be magical. I feel more at peace. But I also know life can be difficult and painful, but I now know why, and I know that like everything in this world, it’s temporary.