Even a leopard can change its spots

Each and every one of us has at some point in our lives become discontented and perhaps questioned whether we are in the right relationship or career, or simply have a longing for inner peace and a deeper connection to ourselves and our loved ones.

We continually pin our expectations on the next event or acquisition that we think will make us happy and fulfilled, only to realise that soon after, we are right back where we started - stuck in old, destructive patterns of behaviour.

Andrew Wallas can support you to create an alchemical shift to enable you to reach your full potential in whatever area of your life you most seek change: in work, relationships, health, trust issues, releasing guilt, fear and/or shame. He has extensive experience of working with, and healing, addiction and abuse.

Using a hybrid of approaches and techniques, such as breath, bodywork, psycho-drama, voice, gestalt and Deeksha, he works to release internal blocks to achieve a transformation which is priceless. His approach differs from most other practices by readdressing your inner world. It is all about making the hidden visible: because what is hidden is what is subconsciously controlling and ruining our lives.

Once you create a profound inner shift, you will experience freedom, spontaneity, joy, self-acceptance, deep intimacy, true partnership, fulfilment, clear direction, career success and the discovery of your soul purpose.

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I can safely say, I am not the same person who came for my chat with you initially.  Essentially, I have learned to love myself, warts and all.

It’s opened up my thinking in everything I do, everything I think and everyone I meet. There is no doubt it’s been a transformation.

It’s been a type of spiritual and psychological philosophy, or is it philosophical psychotherapy? Who knows, but whatever label I give it here, it all came down to one thing: “When you change, everything changes” and this is fundamental. Not just for an hour, or a day, but forever.

It’s simple. I feel more incredible, fully alive, free and more in love with life than I have ever been, and I am not just saying that. I had been in the darkest most painful zone of my life so far. I was in despair and hopelessness, wanting the world to stop.

Nothing has changed, yet everything has changed. Life won’t be the same again. It can be magical. I feel more at peace. But I also know life can be difficult and painful, but I now know why, and I know that like everything in this world, it’s temporary.