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The principles of Business Alchemy can be applied to any business regardless of size, from sole traders to large corporations. They get inside the DNA of your business and show you the pathway to creating the business you want. You set your intention, whether that’s increased turnover, or profit, a happier more motivated workforce, or expansion into new territories. Business Alchemy creates this transformation.

Andrew Wallas has combined extensive business experience with years of inner enquiry to establish Business Alchemy. This is a combination of rational thought, heartfelt wisdom and gut instinct. Over the past 40 years he has guided business leaders and companies, large and small, to fulfil more of their latent potential.  

Many businesses spend years writing and re-writing countless business, financial and marketing plans, undertaking market research and focusing on business goals, expecting increased profits and success as a result. All of this is important, but so often, it is the hidden internal dynamics of a business which obstruct change and hinder growth. No amount of business planning can change this. If organisations focused more on exposing and releasing these blockages, then they would unleash infinite possibility and potential.

Business Alchemy will help you to:

  • Break free of old paradigms and tired thinking to re-ignite the energy within your business.
  • Remove blockages that are inhibiting the potential of your business.
  • Develop an erudite and concise statement of the intention and purpose of the organisation which guides and instructs every major decision.
  • Draw up a road map for integrating and aligning the intention of the business throughout the organisation.
  • Fulfil more of the potential of the business to increase revenue and profit.
  • Create a thriving workplace culture with high levels of staff motivation, retention and happiness.

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Our profits increased by 200 percent after reading the book and then subsequently doing a business alchemy course with Andrew.

Tanya Rose, CEO and Founder
Mason Rose

Andrew is the real deal. He is the first “teacher” I have encountered who has a genuine ability to blend the spiritual and the commercial world. I greatly value his ability to explain concepts and lessons in a manner that I can understand and act upon. Andrew is a man who exhibits deep wisdom, immense integrity and valuable experience. His contribution to our business has been immense.

Gavin Hughes, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman
Project Fortis

Andrew has a magic touch in his work with individuals and business. He can take you to the deepest depths of your soul and bring you back laughing. There are few people I choose to work with and refer my clients to; Andrew is always one of them.

Danielle Marchant, Founder and CEO
The Pause