The Deeper I

For many years, Lara Fares has been passionate about self-improvement. She has met the best specialists in the field who have given her the tools and courage to follow a new path. Keen to share what she has learned from the interactions she’s had with these amazing people; Lara created The Deeper I Podcast.

How a great energy exchange helps you sell your services

Andrew, Coach Barbera and Lyn Smith discuss the benefits of creating an attractor field

The Coachable Podcast

Andrew chats to Tori Gordon about how to build a different relationship between the inner and outer world through intention setting...

The greatest tool we have is self-honesty

Andrew speaks to Pam Savino on the Live Authentically podcast

Being intentional vs goal setting

Andrew chats to Mike Cuevas about how an authentic intention provides the basis of a better selling experience


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