Business Alchemy

Business Alchemy book cover

In Business Alchemy, Andrew sets out a radical new approach to transforming business. It is not formulaic and does not follow a predetermined path. It is concerned with identifying the hidden aspects of a business that block performance, as well as illustrating how to access infinite possibility and potential. Throughout this invaluable book, Andrew Wallas puts forward a refreshing and exciting approach to business that gives everyone the opportunity to create alchemy.

“Buy it; read it; call in the Alchemist.”

Guy Nixon, Founder & CEO,

“Andrew Wallas throws out the rule book,go with it, you will not regret it.”

Gavin Hughes, Executive Chairman, Project Fortis

“A game changer and must-read for any leader. Business Alchemy provides the magic dust in my toolbox.”

Carole Gaskell, Founder & CEO, Full Potential Group

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