Call Off The Search

Call off the search book

Why do so few of us find true love? Why do we spend our whole lives looking for fulfilment, for intimacy, for joy? Call Off The Search attempts to answer these questions with a rawness and honesty never before experienced in the self-help genre. Written by Andrew and Anna, a husband and wife struggling in a quest for True Love and intimacy, it’s a frank and fearless journey to the heart of a modern relationship.

Call Off The Search is an explosive and life changing book about relationships. International bestselling author and former Daily Mail columnist, Anna Pasternak, has co-written an explosive and life changing book about relationships with the UK’s top relationship guru and sought after therapist, Andrew Wallas. After years of searching, disappointment, heartbreak and divorce, Anna and Andrew found each other. With the joy of their profound connection came the agony of past heartbreaks and unresolved pain. Rather than hide, ignore it or walk away, Anna and Andrew embarked on a terrifying quest right to the core of themselves and each other.

“Have the courage to say the unsayable; it will set you free”

Anna Wallas

“The world is obsessed by the need for more love when what we really need is more truth”

Andrew Wallas

Never before has a husband and wife deconstructed their own relationship with such candour for a book of this nature. With brutal honesty and intimate detail, Anna and Andrew draw on their own relationship to get to the heart of why so few of us ever find true happiness and fulfilment. They discuss their own marriage in explicit detail whilst confronting themes of revenge, sexual comparison, sabotage and hatred with insight and wisdom. While not everyone will live in a similar high-octane way, Anna and Andrew’s confessional style will help people face their true selves.

The book is diagnostic and engaging, identifying key themes and traits which we all recognise. The couple’s dual narrative provides a unique insight from both male and female perspective along with practical ways to free ourselves from the burden of inner pain. Each theme is explored in detail, supported by real life experiences from the couple and summarised in digestible points at the end of each chapter. Andrew offers a new and daring mode of self-exploration which is complimented by the outrageous and sometimes hilarious honesty of his wife, Anna.

Jaw-droppingly honest and at times “laugh out loud” funny, ‘Call Off The Search’ is unlike any other relationship, self help or spiritual book. It is compulsively readable, completely gripping and essential reading for anyone looking to understand their relationship and themselves.

“This book is going to change lives. it is the most honest book I have ever read. I have learned more about relationships than I’ve ever known before”

The Mail on Sunday

“There are many amazing books and then there are some that just blow you away.  This is an amazing masterpiece of how to be in a relationship.”

Stephanie Burton

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