Driving business growth

Manufacturing company workshop

This successful manufacturing business had created a niche that generated significant opportunity for growth. After several years of increased profitability, the business had suddenly experienced two flat years. While the business remained highly profitable, the ambitions of the key stakeholders were being frustrated. Despite immense drive and energy, the business appeared to be stuck. We worked with the chairman and chief executive, who were both shareholders in the business. During the second session, an innocent remark about feeling that the company needed to do more in terms of its social and charitable contributions, opened up a whole new arena. What became evident was that the company had fixed ideas of what acceptable success constituted and what excessive success represented. We explored this in terms of the prevailing culture.  It was recognised that within the UK environment, a certain amount of success is tolerated, but too much success can be seen as vulgar. It is also perceived to attract envy and attack from others. This UK environment could be compared to other cultures; for example, in the US, there is a greater tendency towards celebrating success and the view that the greater the success, the better. In this particular company, we discovered an unconscious embarrassment and awkwardness about being seen as too successful. There was a perception that their success was hurting other companies in the sector, those using old technology. It was important to allow all these beliefs, values and perceptions to be aired without judgement. As we worked through … Read More


I can safely say, for starters, I am not the same person who came for my chat with Andrew in 2014. Now, I fill the space of me, I feel solid, but soft, determined but very flexible.  I feel whole, and proud, unafraid and joyous.  My compassion surprises me, it takes me over. I can’t stand by and not DO something.  I laugh more often, I cry and feel more deeply. I am so grateful to be me yet humble at all that I have experienced. I can stay silent and not speak my opinions, and allow others their voice, even when I KNOW I’m right! My friendships are more authentic because I can speak up for myself yet not get tangled in the guilt of it. My family have become more important to me than ever before because I see how much we have learned together and how when I let go, and live my own life, they can breathe more easily, and learn to live their lives too. Essentially, I have learned to love myself, warts and all. I don’t know what you thought you were doing when you came up with this crazy idea, but if what has happened to me is anything to go by you can change the world, dear Andrew, one wizard at a time… Thank you, for all that you do and are.  You have given me a richness in my life I could never have imagined. I will be most grateful till the day I die.


Carmen case study

In a room full of artefacts, patterned cushions, coloured glass lampshades (I looked up a lot!) and blankets… if only the blankets could speak! They’d share more insight and wisdom than an oak tree. They’ve witnessed it all. When I first met Andrew Wallas, I felt naked. I felt his eyes look straight through me. I felt there was no place to hide. And I had a deep, deep knowing that this man was going to become a significant part of my life. The trust I felt in the synchronicity of how I ended up standing on red, yellow and purple fleece blankets in his training room was unquestionable. Surprised by the cashmere jumpers, and ironed shirt, half expecting a long-haired hippy dressed in floating linen. Andrew understood my conflict. My confusion. Later to be temporarily labelled confused.com he has the knowledge, experience and intuition to dissect the layers. To see simplicity in everything. “There’s nothing complicated about this stuff”. I get it. We are only a product of our experiences, our thoughts, our upbringing and if you’re comfortable to go there, our past lives. We’re all connected. There’s actually very little difference between us. As one of us acclaimed, “We are far more united than the things that divide us”. Over our 33 indulgent days at The School for Wizards, my most tender moments were unravelled when I least expected them. Often when resistant, and not knowing what was going to rear its ugly head. My shadow. On one … Read More