Earl Adams

I originally approached Andrew at his first book launch and asked whether he would mentor me in certain aspects of my professional and personal life. Andrew was very professional and honest with his initial feedback and we started work almost straight away.

In a stressful role I was finding the balance between work and home life a real challenge, this was not for the first time in my career. The non-separation and pressure to work longer hours to always be on the phone or emailing but not feeling fully engaged or able to focus on specific tasks. But this pressure was self-inflicted and not the expectation of peers. These understandings have enabled me to be a better leader.

Through time spent with Andrew on a one to one basis he has fundamentally adjusted the way in which I think and approach both personal and professional issues and challenges. Allowing me to trust in an outcome rather than trying to control every element or stage of the process. This has not only been enlightening, but has brought both happiness and success in equal measure.

In twelve months, I have consciously and unconsciously seen great changes. Increased productivity in business and improved quality of sleep (not many people can say that with a young family) the changes have become a part of my character…just ask my wife!

From an individual who struggled with change or just simply trusting something intangible, Andrew has provided me with the platform that I start each day on. And now I strive for continued improvement.

Wherever the future takes me, I will be eternally thankful for Andrew’s relentless drive and passion for life, which he delivers in a unique style throughout his coaching.

Thank you Andrew