It’s true what they say, when you are ready the teacher appears. I am changed because of Andrew. It is that simple. I feel more incredible, fully alive, free and in love with life than I have ever been in my life. 

Andrew’s humanity and life experience along with his vast clinical portfolio is a unique combination to assist anyone healing from the deepest life pain. He just gets you right from the start. You are seen and held with such humility that you feel safe enough to let go of all that hurts.

I had been in the darkest most painful phase of my life and was feeling mid-life despair, resignation and hopelessness, emotions that I had never before experienced. Andrew’s gentle and supportive hand holding helped me see these emotions as transient and only energy passing through. You learn how to truly transform with him. Fear leaves and you feel you can take on the world. 

I have done a lot of self-growth in the past 17 years but nothing touched and released my deepest wounding until I worked with Andrew.  

Please kick yourself off the fence you have been sitting on and free fall back into the you that is so wanting to be here. It’s a beautiful place to be, beyond your wildest dreams of who you thought you could be. I am now the me that was always wanting to be here.