Letting go to grow

A privately owned estate agent had been struggling to stay afloat for several years. The owner/manager of the business, despite having made severe reductions, was not able to cover his monthly living costs. It was revealed that several years earlier this business had operated as a 50:50 partnership between the existing principal and his friend and colleague. A conflict had arisen that resulted in the other party leaving the business under acrimonious circumstances.

After a short exploration, we discovered that while consciously the main protagonist was desperately trying to build a successful business to prove a point to his ex-partner, unconsciously he was furiously aggrieved at the way he had been treated. He was more determined to hold onto the grievance than to create a successful business. We worked with the individual and the company to release and let go of the grievance and wish the ex-partner well. Once this energetic block had been released the business slowly but consistently commenced an uplift in performance and profitability.

It is important to understand that both individuals and companies can be consciously completely committed to a particular course of events, while outside of their awareness, there are other unconscious forces consistently undermining and sabotaging the stated objectives.  This is true of all areas in life; what is unconscious (outside of our immediate awareness) is always more powerful and is often running and ruining our lives. Making the unconscious conscious dissipates and punctures these unwelcome blocks to success.