The Alchemical Collection

More than twenty years’ ago, Andrew Wallas opened a meditation space and training room in a yurt in the Sussex countryside. Wanting to create a relaxing ambiance with a spiritual feel that put people entirely at their ease, Andrew hand-picked and curated a collection of Persian rugs and cushions together with a range of eclectic decorative pieces such as hand carved buddhas and icons from across the globe to furnish the space. He subsequently migrated to Henley on Thames bringing the much-loved contents of the training room with him so that he could continue to provide a welcoming and healing space for his clients.

That space – the hall of an old Victorian school – is soon to be re-purposed and Andrew is seeking to pass on the contents of the training room to their next custodian to treasure. This group of soft furnishings and objets d’art, which have been lovingly cherished and are cleaned on a regular basis, would be perfect for a bohemian den, a meditation space or simply to create a chill out area to relax and unwind in.

The contents of the room have supported Andrew to facilitate deep emotional release and alchemical shift for many groups and individuals for more than 20 years, bestowing a tangible magic upon the collection.

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