How to heal a broken heart

A Shunyamurti Spiritual Wisdom Teaching Every old soul whose had more than a few past lives at the end of Kali Yuga is born with a broken heart and Karma makes sure that the heart gets broken several more times in childhood so that it’s thoroughly crushed by the time it reaches adulthood. The young souls are just born heartless and so they do not have to struggle in the same way, but they also cannot reach the same depth of feeling because it is anguish that is the engine of ascension and so you will know how old you are as a soul by how much anguish you feel. And every old soul who is brought to Sat Yoga knows that they come here not because their ego brought them but something greater than the ego which cannot be considered a part of oneself. It is that which is not the ego self, it is that which the ego cannot understand and can only think of it so long as the ego paradigm remains as something mysterious, magical, inconceivable. The broken-hearted soul comes to a place like an Ashram and hopes to heal that broken heart, but gradually discovers that it cannot be healed. The soul is terminally wounded and it cannot hope to obtain relationships of love that will heal its wounds, its agony of feeling the lack of ever being loved, adored, recognised, never having known real union or even compassionate containment and it has to come … Read More