What Do We Want Our Children To Know?

Nov / 2023

Episode 1 – What do we want our Children to know?

We place great emphasis on trying to secure our children’s futures through financial inheritance. However, the most important and precious gift we can leave them, is their understanding of themselves – who they are in the world. Having a conversation with our children about the inner and outer world can begin to open the door to self-exploration which ultimately leads to enlightenment. In this episode, Lara and Andrew explore why it’s important to make the unconscious conscious to better understand yourself and manage your way in the world.
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Nov / 2023

Episode 2 – The Dynamic of Relationships

Why do relationships go wrong? Why do we attract certain people in our lives and sometimes gravitate towards those who may not be good for us, leading to the same outcomes? Why do we look to others to complete ourselves? Lara and Andrew examine why it’s important to take responsibility for the hurt we feel, and why the greatest lie of human experience is that something or someone can make us happy.
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Dec / 2023

Episode 3 – Love

In this fascinating discussion about love, Andrew and Lara examine what love is NOT and why true love is free of any condition. Many of us confuse love with neediness and expectation – we want something back – but love is free of any condition. The more we can practise non-attachment and self-love, the less we need to be obsessed with anyone or anything else.
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Dec / 2023

Episode 4 – Authenticity

Research shows that people who live authentically report being happier, with more positive emotions, better relationships and increased self-esteem, but there is a lot of misunderstanding around what being authentic really means. In this episode Andrew and Lara explore the nature of authenticity and how being more aware of our inauthenticity can lead us to become more authentic.
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Dec / 2023

Episode 5 – Greater Power

Harnessing a greater power can be a powerful dynamic. It can be an antidote to self-centredness, ego-centric thinking, narcissism and individualism. People who have a relationship with a power greater than themselves tend to live happier and more fulfilling lives. In this episode, Andrew and Lara talk about how to develop a personal relationship with a greater power – whether it is a religion-based divine energy, our own creation, or with the universe itself – and how this can support us to find our way through difficult situations.
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