A brilliant course

Ruth Maddison

The School for Business Alchemy course was innovative, creative and intuitive.  Thank you for such a brilliant course, it is a gift!

Andrew is very ‘watchable’


I’m a big fan of the videos… Andrew is very ‘watchable’ and he comes across as genuinely wanting to help you. I like that there isn’t a ‘right’ answer – it’s your interpretation of your personal and business requirements and how to adapt them in a way that works for you.

kinaesthetic learning element


The kinaesthetic learning element is a great way to fully participate in the course and the use of analogy is very helpful and allowed me to practically visualise the concepts making it easier to incorporate it into my psyche.

Refreshing way of presenting a course


This is a really refreshing way of presenting a course – it’s polished and user friendly and the reflective questions are great as they allow you to review what you’ve learnt.